AC Repair in Dubai

Summers can be harsh and that is why you are dependent on your air conditioners to keep yourself cool. However, when your AC stops working, it can be a real problem and the heat can become unbearable. Hence, immediate repair is required and choose the most trusted AC repair company in Dubai.

Washing Machine Repair ABH is one of the best companies offering services in AC repair Dubai. Our company is also the most trusted due to the quality of our service and efficiency.

Signs that your AC Needs Repair

There are some very common problems that are found due to which the AC either stops working or does not work effectively. The following problems are recognised in all the ACs.

  • Fault in the fan belt.
  • Noise in the AC when it is cooling.
  • Formation of ice in the AC.
  • Water leakage.
  • Built of sand and dust in motor bearings and fan.
  • Blocked drain outlets in the AC.
  • Fault in the thermostat.
  • Too much vibration.
  • AC not starting.
  • AC not cooling properly.
  • Increase in the consumption of electricity.
  • Air conditioner leaving a foul smell in the room.

We have a team of professionals who can fix all these problems and other problems related to AC malfunctioning. We are also available for urgent AC repair service UAE anytime.

Areas of our AC Service

We have a team of qualified and trained professionals who can repair AC of any type, model, and make. Be it international or national brand, our professionals can fix them all. We are experts in AC installation, maintenance, and repair for commercial and residential purposes.

Our team can also install and maintain AC ducts in various commercial sectors apart from repairing them. Irrespective of the requirement and time, we are available to assist our customers.

Our Team of Professionals

We have a team of professionals who are highly qualified to repair, maintain, and install all kinds of ACs in various sectors. Our professionals are also certified and verified and hence, can be trusted with your appliance. They ensure that our customers are aware of the problem in their air conditioner and the step by step process of fixing the problem.

They are also quick and efficient in servicing the AC at the convenience of your home. We are very flexible and hence, can be approached for urgent repairs even at night.

Why Choose our AC Repair Services?

Washing Machine Repair ABH is one of the most trusted companies for home appliances repair in Dubai. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and hence, we provide high-quality service to our customers. Our team ensures that your defective appliances are working fine and are as good as new once they have fixed them.

AC Repair Service in Dubai
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