LED TV Repair in Dubai

Television has become an essential appliance present in almost all households. And, with time, technology has brought us LED TVs and a lot more. There was a time when people went outside to see entertainment.

The LED TV comes with the latest technology installed in them. Therefore, not just watching news and shows. Now you can connect with your loved ones, connect your Smartphone and the advantages are endless.


But, there are chances of it not working efficiently as well after some time. Just like any other machine, it could malfunction too. With us, call for LED repair.

Fast TV and Appliance Repair with Skilled Professionals

More complex the technology would be, the bigger the problems. And, if you do not know about them, a safe bet would be to call for professional help. There is a good range of problems which might cause minor to major issues.

Rather than opting for DIY as there are various online tutorials available now. Go for the best LED TV repair in Dubai with us. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your appliance is in the right hand.

Some Major Issues Observed in LED TVs

  • The power light blinks but the TV would not light up. This could be a temporary glitch due to a loose power connection. If it persists, call for help.
  • No picture on the screen but the sound is there. This could be an issue with the black lighting system. Changing the inventory board or the capacitor would help.

We have technicians who have trained from certified programs in Dubai. Our great workmanship and reliable service would not leave you disappointed.

  • Vertical lines running across the screen. This shows that the LED panel requires changing. But this is one of the major problems and could cost a little. We offer LED TV repairing in Dubai. We offer quick solutions for you to enjoy your routine again.
  • Spider lines seem to radiate every time you try to switch on your TV. This happens when the internal glass had been fractured.
  • The picture is too long or squeezed. This could be due to a problem in the aspect ratio. Going to the setting and bringing to the original aspect ratio helps. Otherwise, go for professional help with us.
  • A remote control is not working. This could be a minor problem solved by changing the batteries. But, if the problem persists, go for replacement.

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of keeping your appliance in top condition. With us, enjoy electronic repairs at competitive market prices. Your satisfaction is our priority and we offer customised services for every individual.

Our home appliances repair in Dubai offers you services not just for your LED TV but kitchen appliances, washing machine, and a lot more. Just give us a call and we would give you a free consultation. Schedule your booking and our technician would be at your doorstep.

Get the most out of your product with us and our sincere services based in Dubai. We offer emergency services too. Does not matter at what kind of condition the appliance is in, we are at your disposal.

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