Stove Repair

Have you been ordering food from outside and living on takeout? Cooking food is a comfort zone for many while for home chefs it is a way to express their skills. But, cooking requires some equipment without which we cannot do so. And, one would be the cooking stove. Problems in that and your day might be full of troubles.

If you are looking for stove repair, then Washing Machine Repair ABH would be a great choice. We are based in Dubai with a strong background in customer satisfaction when it comes to appliance repair and others. You could give us a call and after hearing about your problems, our technician would be able to help you. Get your free consultation over the phone for any repair or replacement.


Stove Repair Service Dubai on the Go

Nothing can ever compare to the warmth of home-cooked meals. And, after sometime takeout would become monotonous. When time is less but you require some major help, smart decisions help you save the day. Our customers have always been our priority whether they required repair for the burners or there is a mechanical fault. And, for customer satisfaction, our aim is your flexibility and convenience.

Just ring us up and schedule your service, our tech person would be there at your doorstep on time. You do not have to worry about the brand for we have been serving customers having burners and stoves of different brands. Whether the burner is not switching on, the microwave is being noisy, the burner is not heating, and we are here.


The Most Common Stove Problems One Face

  • Oven would not heat up. When this happens, the one to blame would be the faulty igniter. Most of them are hidden underneath the boiler. Therefore, you would require professional gas stove repairing services for an effective solution.
  • Another problem one faces would be even for the door not shutting. Check for broken hinges or springs.
  • Gas burner does not light. Rather than going for DIY, professional help would be the best solution.
  • Range burner does not heat. The problem might be lying with the burner, the switch, or the socket.
  • The oven light would not turn on, if that happens, it is time to change the lights.


Skilled Technicians with Emergency Service

As a sincere, reliable, and competent home appliances repair in Dubai, we appreciate your faith in us. We offer affordable services with skilled Technicians doing quick and efficient jobs. We provide you with an estimation so that you could do an informed booking and know ahead what we would be offering.

We are not afraid to take that extra step when it comes to you. Unique services customized for individual problems, you will always be our priority. Carry on your day without any disruptions as we provide emergency services.

We understand that fulfilling customer requirements will help us become a household name. Waste no more money, time on these inconveniences. We are here to help you get on with your life with our flat rate prices, guaranteed workmanship, and reliable services.

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